Pokemon TCG Black & White Dragons Exalted Expansion Set

Control the might of dragons in a way that can change your game forever when the brand-new Dragon-type Pokémon make their debut in Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Dragons Exalted! The new Dragon-type, the first new Pokémon type introduced to Pokémon TCG in over a decade, features a fierce lineup of more than 15 Dragon-type Pokémon, including Rayquaza-EX, Giratina-EX, Garchomp, and Hydreigon. With a mix of new Pokémon-EX and a powerful group of Dragon-type Pokémon, Trainers will be ready for the roar of dragons and the glory of battle,Dragon-type Pokémon reflect the unique power of Dragon Pokémon and come equipped with multi-type Energy attacks. Joining Dragon-type Pokémon in the Black & White—Dragons Exalted expansion, which features more than 120 cards, are two versions of six different Pokémon-EX and a host of Pokémon from outside the Unova region like Mew, Ninetales, and Honchkrow. Four new Trainer cards and two Special Energy cards round out this incredibly powerful expansion.

The entire Pokemon TCG Black & White Dragons Exalted expansion set available to collect contains:

Brand-new Dragon-type Pokemon, Two versions of six more Pokémon-EX cards, including full-art Rare Ultra cards, More than 120 cards, including more Pokémon from outside the Unova region, Parallel foil card in each booster pack

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